What is SNAP? We are a nonprofit charity corporation under 501(c)(3). We incorporated in June 2009. SNAP was the brain child of CJ Gallihugh, who wanted to be able to assist individuals with developmental disabilities. We are comprised of parents, staff, professionals, and community members, dedicated to assisting the special needs population in East Central Indiana (ECI).


What is SNAP's mission? To enhance the lives of individuals living with developmental disabilities/special needs in East Central Indiana by providing basic living necessities.


Whom does SNAP serve? We serve individuals with intellectual disabilities, fragile X, autism, CHARGE syndrome, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities in ECI.


What does SNAP do?

We donate household items through our Living necessities Program (linens, bedding, kitchen items, small appliances, window treatments, undergarments, etc.)


How do I get a donated item from the living necessities program? You may email CJ at the link on the home page and request the needed items. You may also contact your Case Manager (if you have one) and s/he can make the request.


How will I know if my request is granted? You will receive an email response from CJ as to the availability of your requested item(s). Arrangements will then be made to get the item(s) to you.


Are my contributions tax-deductible? Yes, in accordance with Federal Tax codes pertaining to public charities 501(c)(3).


How can I support? By making a monetary donation (make checks out to SNAP) to:



2225 W Memorial Dr

Muncie, IN 47302

(donations are tax-deductible)




By donating new or gently used items for our living necessities program, such as household goods, hygiene supplies, linens, small appliances, cleaning supplies, dishes, paper products, etc.




By donating your time to assist with or attend a fund-raising event.


How does SNAP get its funds? Through a combination of financial and material donations, fund-raisers, and grants.


Can I specify how my donation should be used? Yes. When you submit your donation, simply specify how you prefer it be used.


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